I had a wonderful day today. I spent it at one of my very favorite places on earth, The Mannings. It’s a weaving and fiber arts studio. It has yarn, yarn, more yarn, spinning wheels, yarn, looms, and more yarn…

Listen, the thing is, I had a really great day, but about twenty minutes ago one of my best friends called me. She had a great day too. She was there at The Mannings with me. She had a great day, until she got a phone call to ask for help doing one of the most sad and difficult parts of her job. Well, my friend called and asked me to pray for someone tonight, I don’t know this person. All I know is that while I was out having a wonderful day this person’s dreams were slowly slipping away. Like trying to keep water in your hands. While I was out making stupid jokes this person was losing the miracle that was growing in her belly.

I was an ass today. So much so that when my friend called me and asked me to pray for a stranger and their family, I felt a little hesitant to go before the father’s throne. There were things in my heart that I was ashamed of, things that needed forgiving before I even felt worthy of praying for someone else. And as always, my father who is so good and loving, he forgave me and gave me peace and he listened as I asked for peace during this heartbreaking time for a stranger. He showed me mercy as I prayed for grace and mercy for others. He showed me that sometimes, it’s more important to be a blessing to someone else, rather than to be blessed ourselves. My friend is a blessing to others. I’m glad she will be there tonight when someone is born into heaven.


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