About those socks…

They are done, finished, finite! I couldn’t be more happy either. It’s nice to wear warm lovely things that I made.

They took me about two years to complete. I have figured out that it was more the pattern than anything else. Socks are funny in that because you have to make two of the exact thing you really have to love everything you are working with, the hand of the yarn, the color of the yarn, the pattern you are working, and even the needles and the method you are using to knit. All of that has to magically come together or else you end up with a very common ailment that sock knitters refer to as SSS (Second Sock Syndrome). I have fallen pray to it many times in my knitting career, but I have to say, this has been my worst bout of it yet. If I have learned anything in all this, it is that I am not going to cast on for another pair of socks if I even feel the least bit “meh” about the pattern. Socks finished, lesson learned.


One Response to About those socks…

  1. Tracey says:

    So I figured out after I posted why my sock pictures were all fuzzy. Finnigan fingerprints all over my lens!

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