Toddlers are easy

I know that I’ve posted this activity before, but it’s so effective and easy I had to post it again. It always amazes me how the simplest of things will captivate Finnigan (and most kids his age) for hours. The other day I really needed some time to do stuff and I needed it relatively quiet so I could think. Here is my recipe for one quiet toddler for at least an hour if nap time is still far off.

1 quart of water

5 drops of food coloring

1 turkey baster

1 medicine dropper

various sized and shaped clear plastic containers

1 towel

I fold the towel in half and put it on the table. Then I put the food coloring in the water and mix it around and poor it into a few of the containers. Add your toddler (sleeves rolled and just count on changing out fits when done) and your baster and dropper. Pat them on the head, take a few pictures if you wish and bask in the knowledge of your brilliance!


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