Dear Elizabeth

Dear Elizabeth,

I love you. I love you. I’m going to say it again. I love you. I want you to know that and I don’t want you to ever forget it. I love you. I know that your little brothers take up a lot of my time, but please remember, that is no reflection of my love for you. It’s as simple as them not being able to care for themselves.

You on the other hand…you scare me. You scare me with how fast you are growing and maturing. How that teeny baby of mine that pooped all over everyone the minute she was born…that baby is gone. The sweet, adorable toddler who charmed everyone around her and had many a grandparent wrapped around her finger…she’s gone too. You’ve gone from awkward little kid to a beautiful young woman. To be perfectly honest, it breaks my heart. I still don’t understand how we got here so fast. So please, be patient with me. It’s hard for me to let go, you know that about me. It’s hard for me to see you so independent. You don’t need me nearly as much as you used to, and in some ways, you need me now more than ever. It’s such a difficult balance and it’s so hard to maintain. That explains all the head butting we do these days. It’s a struggle that mothers and teen daughter have had down through the dawn of time. You are struggling to find out who you are become an adult, you need me and you don’t me. I am struggling to let go while still holding on enough to steer you in the right direction. Often times, that struggle ends up in tears, frustration, and a misunderstanding. We’re doing okay though as far as moms and teenage daughters go. We’ll get through these next few years. You and I have always been really close and I know we always will be. I hope that someday, when you are older and wiser you will look back and say, “Ah, I see what mom was trying to do/prevent me from doing/protect me from.”

I am proud of you, ridiculously so. You are beautiful (you come by it naturally :P). You are smart. You are talented and creative. I want you to know that whatever you do with your life, as long as it’s a path that *you* choose, I’ll be proud of you. God loves you and has a plan for your life. Did you hear what I just said? The creator of the universe loves you. Don’t ever forget that, it’s so important and the key to forgiveness and true happiness. Please find a good man to marry, remember who you are and don’t settle for less than you deserve. There is no such thing as the perfect man or romance like the movies. Passion will come and go many times, but true love is a daily commitment to your spouse. Respect and communication are so important. 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 is all you ever need to know about real, true love. And most importantly, when you are reading that passage…remember to point those words at yourself and not at your spouse or anyone else. It’s hard to do, but so worth it.

Never forget that service to others lead to lasting peace and happiness. Always tip well. Always be willing to serve, it is an honorable and noble thing. Today’s world looks down on service and serving others above self. Be it family, friends, or a complete stranger, do it. You’ll sleep well at night.

Remember to make time for yourself and your family. I love our girls nights out. I love the times when we all do stuff together. I just love spending time with you. Some of my favorite times with you have been our rides to or from Wilkes Barre; belting out tunes, eating ice cream, hearing about all that goes on in your world.

And always wear sunscreen.




One Response to Dear Elizabeth

  1. I'm the Mom says:

    And remember that although you covered everyone else in the room with poo during your first few minutes, your Nana didn’t take your “poo” and got to hold you while everyone else cleaned up. 🙂
    Gigi went through this with me and I went through it with your mom … and someday you’ll sigh and remember this blog as you’re going through it with your daughter and smile. You can call me on the phone and say, “Yes, Nana, you were right.” Love you so much my Boo.

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