I am bruised…from today

No picture today, believe me, that’s a blessing for you folks. Someone ordered screaming with a side order of temper tantrum at our place and when my hubby came home this evening I was ready to eat glass I was so frustrated. Seanny is reaching the good ‘ol separation anxiety phase, so if I am out of his line of sight he screams. Finny is sick and apparently didn’t get the memo that sick children generally do not have more energy than usual and run about the house like a complete fool. Finny tried to stick a chopstick down Seanny’s throat (don’t ask). Mama yelled at him and threw the chopsticks away. Seanny screamed, Finny screamed, Mama took deep long breathes so as not to kill anyone. Once Seanny was calm, Mama took Finny, and his blankie and his juice bottle and dumped his temper tantrum throwing butt into his bed. I kissed his little blond head and said, “You obviously need some time to yourself.” and walked out and shut the door. There was much screaming and crying for all of ten minutes before the sick child finally crashed and crashed hard…for two and a half hours hard.

Once all the babies were awake again, the screaming picked up right where they left off and I nearly reached through the phone at 5:30 and killed my husband when I called to see how close to home he was and he said he was just locking up. Thanks for calling and telling me you were working half an hour late. By the time he got home I was ready to exit the premises post haste and go blow off some steam at SnB and possibly run away from home.

After SnB and a night with “the girls” I am feeling much better. Ah, now if only that wee child would sleep through the night. Pipe dreams…


2 Responses to I am bruised…from today

  1. I'm the Mom says:

    I miss those da…. wait a minute – no, I do not miss all of that. I have earned my empty nest and enjoy it most of the time. Don’t blink, Trace, it’ll all be gone before you can say “What happened?” and “Where did all of these grandchildren come from??”

  2. MsJohannah says:

    I have temper tantrum’s at my house too… but mine is from a 75 year old dealing with getting old and Parkinson’s diseases… so I kinda know how you feel. *HUGS*

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