So long lip balm, hello healing balm

If you know me in the slightest, you know that I never go anywhere without my lipbalm. If I do happen to forget it, I get heart palpitations until I can get my hands on it again. Not just any lipbalm either, but the absolute heaven in a tube from my favorite Etsy seller, Leigh at LeastLikely2Breed. She is also the crafter of that fine fluff in a tin known as Bad Ass Booty Balm. Seriously kicks diaper rash right on it’s can. And don’t get me started on her Tough Titties Nipple Rub (for nursing mum’s, sheesh you people have the maturity of 12 year old boys)…

Now un/fortunately, she has decided to stop making her wonderful balms and turn her creative juices to helping folks who are looking for therapy find therapists who are looking for folks. It’s genius really, and long over due! She is part of the brilliant and caring team over at Whereapy. Still in beta, they plan their big launch this Spring and, I have no doubt, will grow and grow and bring healing to many people who are longing for relief. As sad as I am to be losing my favorite “balmist” I am beyond happy to see her take on such an incredibly noble endeavor. Now show a girl some love and push her “like” button over at Facebook.


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