So big

Dear Seannan,

As I watch you crawl around on the carpet this morning in your green stripey pj’s I am suddenly reminded just how big you are getting. It’s not fair really. You will be one in just three short months. The more I fall in love with the baby you, the less you are that baby. Each day you are growing and learning new things and exploring, and playing (despite big brother’s attempts to hog all the good toys).

I’d like to say that it feels like just yesterday since I saw those two pink lines on that pregnancy test, but it doesn’t. It feels like ages ago. It feels as though you’ve been a part of us for so much longer than these nine months. And for that, I am immensely glad. You are turning into such a sweet little person. You are my snuggler, always happy to just hang out in someone’s lap and squish yourself up next to them. I listen to the sounds you are making and already I think your voice will be lower than your brothers. You aren’t as big as he was at your age either. I have this picture of you in my mind in ten years, your brother will be taller than you, but you will be that little brother that has no problem taking down his older brother.

It’s sad really, each time a baby is born you say to yourself, “I know how fast they grow, I’m going to make sure not to miss any moment.”, but you do. You blink and suddenly a year is up and that tiny, slick, warm little baby that was placed on your belly is now crawling, and getting teeth, and chattering a mile a minute in his own language. I’m so thankful for all of our little moments…even the million and one moments that keep mama from getting a good nights sleep.


One Response to So big

  1. Casey says:

    Oh, that red hair!!

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