About the pictures…

So, ahem, just a heads up, this post is about this week and a certain wee mans birthday…lots of pictures. I know, ironic isn’t it. *snigger*

First off, a belated birthday celebration. Seannan turned one on June 6th. Yep, one. Seriously? I’m still trying to find time to sit down and write out his birth story. This has been a very hard year for us as a family, but also an incredibly wonderful one thanks very specifically to this dear little boy. Seannan continues to steal my heart, piece by piece. I love his little smile, that’s why I can not pick him up without immediately squishing him. He’s very squishable, really, you can’t resist. I love his personality, quieter than his brother and sister and yet, I have a feeling he isn’t going to take any crap from anyone. Seannan, thanks for being wonderful you, happy birthday squishy, and many, many more.

A pictorial review of the birthday party…

The Very Hungry Caterpillar cupcakes for our 1st birthday

Seannan's cupcake

The birthday boy

Make a wish

Mmmm, chocolate cherry cola cake.

Elizabeth dropped her cupcake, awwww.

Finnigan and Elizabeth made short work of the icing writing.

Finnigan painted my face...with icing.

As for this week, wow. I’m tired. We started last Sunday by taking a very unhappy Finn to the walk in, turns out he had an ear infection. Because of his ear infection he missed the first two nights of VBS. The hubby and the teenager helped out at VBS all week. There were lots of late nights and little boys going to bed late. Not entirely fun. Yesterday, I paid off our fuel oil bill, and ordered another 150 gallons…we ran out of fuel last night. I had to bleed the line this morning.

And I leave you with a picture of two adorable siblings snuggling.


2 Responses to About the pictures…

  1. Linda says:

    Oh! Precious pictures of the birthday party!! Love the caterpillar cupcakes! Lots of great memories being made. Beautiful baby!

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