Faith and Courage Part II

It’s been a crazy few past weeks. I’m not really even sure where to begin. So, here’s the short version. My mom, who I love more than I can say, has colon and liver cancer. She’s spent the last week and a half at the Mayo Clinic thanks to my Aunt having a good friend who is a doctor there. She flew home yesterday, will start chemo on Friday and basically, that’s it. She’s going to be just fine. Her doctor said she is not a ticking time bomb and that everything is treatable with the chemo. She’s going to be okay… I feel like I keep having to say it over and over again to believe it. God has been…amazing, incredible, merciful, wonderful through all of this. My mom has been amazing as well. Her life verse is Psalm 139:16 and boy has she been living it. Her faith and courage have been shining through out all of this, for the entire world to see. I”m so proud of my mom!


2 Responses to Faith and Courage Part II

  1. Linda says:

    Sorry to hear about your mom. So glad to hear she has her faith and her family to sustain her. Will keep you all in my prayers. God bless you all.

    • traceyleezle says:

      Thank you so much Linda, I know she appreciates all the people praying for her. Right I think she just wants to get her chemo started so she can start feeling better.

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