Wait, this went too fast

September 29, 2011

I think I’m going to throw up. I feel quite sick to my stomach. I just spent the last two hours sitting in my daughter’s high school auditorium listening to representatives from several different colleges from around here give me tips and pointers on what I can do to help her as she chooses, applies, and heads off to college. College. My daughter. While listening and taking notes, and thinking of all we have to do over the next two and a half years, I just sat there, dumbstruck. When it came time for the parents to ask questions it was all I could do not to raise my hand and say, “I’m sorry? How did we get here? I was just changing her diapers last week.”

It got worse during the financial aid seminar. I sat listening to a gentleman tell us all about how to apply for financial aid and how the people who were able to save money for their kids, usually end up having a bit more wiggle room in what school their kids get into. I sat there wondering where the last fifteen years went? I always wanted to put money aside, we never really lived in circumstances where we could. I kept thinking, “We’ve still got some time.” And now here we are. And I still have no idea how. And this big slice of reality pie has turned my stomach. My baby is going to college in two years.


Fan Girl

September 26, 2011

Ugh, I am utterly disgusted with myself. Sort of. Kind of. Okay, not really. Mildly embarrassed is more accurate. Here’s the thing, remember when you were a giddy teenage girl and you used to get silly, crazy crushes on celebrities? You know, cover your wall with posters, buy stupid teen magazines plastered with cute heart throbs? Admit it, you did. Well, I still get crazy, stupid fan girl crushes on celebrities. Oh, it’s so ridiculous! Gone are the days of poster plastering and Teen Beat, but I’m still crushing hardcore on some celebrity at any given moment. It usually has a lot to do with whatever television series I’m currently wrapped up in or music I’m in to at the moment. I’m 32 years old. I’m happily married. I have three gorgeous children. Why am I so prone to the fan girl crush? It’s so incredibly…stupid.

And yet, I find it funny. I have to say, this is one opportunity where I really get to laugh at myself. A lot. Actually, now that I mention it, I give myself plenty of opportunities to laugh at myself, but that’s another blog post altogether. It’s harmless, and I have to admit, I am a fickle fan girl. Sorry hunky celebrities, you’ll probably be dumped when I finish watching one tv series and start another. It’s only a matter of time. I’m sure you’ll get over me and one day find the fan girl who’s right for you.

The other thing that I find incredibly humorous about myself is the type of celebrities I’m attracted too. George Clooney? Nah. Brad Pitt? Mmm, no thanks, not my type. I’m attracted to geeks, or guys who play a geek. The geekier the better. Take James Patterson, who plays Sheldon from the hit tv series, The Big Bang Theory (the entire show is like a geek lovers buffet!). Gorgeous!

Dr. Sheldon "Moon Pie" Cooper

Anywho, it seems the geekier they are the better, but not always. I seem to go all fan girl over the ones that don’t necessarily fit the definitive “heart throb” category.

Oh, and in case any of you were wondering who my current massive fan girl heart attack is, it’s this young man here (I think I may have entered cougar territory on this one, not sure what the age requirement is to be a cougar). (I have just confirmed this evening with a friend, I am NOT in danger of being a cougar, phew!)

Heart throb? No, heart wob! Wob, wob, wobble, wobble!

That, ladies and gentlemen, is Sonny Moore, more commonly known as Skrillex, a dubstep genius. As well as being my favorite eye candy, he is most definitely my favorite ear candy and has been for a while now. He’s a dubstep genius, booming onto the techno music map with his incredible drops and signature sound. I am loving dupstep, but Skrillex’ sound and style is by far my favorite. Plus it doesn’t hurt that he’s smokin’ hot. And did I mention he’s short? As most of you that know me (and my smokin’ hot hubby) know, I kinda have a thing for short guys.

Workin' hard

Teen fan girls make me nuts too, insipid, clingy, vapid, immature. Ugh. While I don’t fit into the standard fan girl stereo type, I will admit, I stand guilty as charged. Fan girl? Pffft, I prefer fan woman. Yep.

Put the fork down stupid!

September 22, 2011

I was one of this kids brought up in a home where you had to finish everything on your plate. Now as an adult, subconsciously, this has become a hard habit to break. Tonight was date night and Travis and I decided to feed the kids and grab a late dinner at this awesome authentic Mexican restaurant everyone has been talking about. We both ordered chicken chimichangas. Oh man! When the waiter placed them in front of us I just though, “How am I going to make my way through this?” We dug right in, and man was it good! Fresh made guacamole, refried beans, everything smothered in cheese. It was fabulous, but I kept thinking, “Geeze, I’m gonna die if I eat this all! How am I going to finish this?” And that’s when it struck me right there, “PUT THE FORK DOWN STUPID!” I realized (and I know this will sound crazy, but I also know many people who are stuck in the same thought pattern) that I didn’t have to eat it all. I sat there for a minute staring down at this delicious food and realized there was no parent who was going to make me finish everything. I realized that yup, it’s delicious, that doesn’t mean I have to eat the entire thing to enjoy it. I’m not going to hurt anybodies feelings if I don’t wolf down this insanely large portion of food. It was this mini epiphany. You don’t have to eat everything on your plate. In fact, it’s probably best if you don’t. When I came to, I realized I had only eaten a third of the chimichanga and I was stuffed. Good grief! How was I going to feel if I did eat the entire thing!? So, I put the fork down and continued visiting with my husband while he finished his chimichanga. Lord bless him and his crazy metabolism.

Getting back on track

September 22, 2011

So, we had a Pimps and Ho’s party here on Monday. Yep, I dressed up like a hooker, a lady of the night. And that’s another blog post all in itself. Ha, yes, I am going to leave that one hanging for now.

Anywho, there were lots of pictures taken and they were funny as heck, that is, until I started really looking at myself. I have really gotten way off track with my eating and exercising habits. I was doing so great late spring early summer. Now, I haven’t been to the gym in two months. I eat terribly, way too much sugar. It’s showing in those pictures. What’s worse is I keep thinking of the diabetes that runs in my family, and how it’s preventable. I am thinking of my mom and the situation she’s in, that maybe could have been prevented by routine colonoscopies. Suddenly, I’m very angry with myself. I need to get back on track, and that’s what I did yesterday. I started by making sure I made good food choices all day yesterday. With my cold I’m not sure how well I’d do at the gym, but I may give it a try tonight anyway. Day 2, here we go, I can do this.

Oh, and it was a going away party. A dear friend is leaving us to go to India. She told us the city she was moving to had a problem with male prostitution, and so there was much joking about her becoming a pimp to help bring in extra cash.

Thoughts on colds

September 21, 2011

I have a cold.

Compared to many I’ve had in the past this one is very mild. Yet, why is it colds have the ability to reduce us to rubble? Turn grown men into whining babies. Turn whining babies into…even whinier babies. Such an incredibly tiny thing turns our worlds inside out for a week, or more. Of course, it doesn’t matter what we do, you’re still going to be miserable for at least a week.

We have all kinds of concoctions you can buy to lessen the symptoms, but of course with that comes a myriad of side effects. So you can be miserable and not breath, or be miserable and breathing and dried out and wonky feeling on top of that. I have always preferred not to take any over the counter medicines. I’ve found my cold is shorter and is less likely to come back anytime soon. I’ve always been a fan of the more natural approach:  vaporizers, neti pot, lots and lots of tea with honey, echinacea and goldenseal, a huge pot of homemade chicken soup, lots of rest, and when the throat is really sore and sleep eludes me, the hot toddie. I’m sure as soon as my mother reads this, she will tell you about her bottle of blackberry brandy that is for medicinal purposes only. No really, it is.

The hiccup I’ve run into over the past few years in this plan is the rest part. With two toddlers in the house, rest is hard to come by. This gets even harder when the kids are sick as well. You would think they would also want to rest. I’ve seen Finnigan ripping around with a 102 temp. How do they do that? When I have a fever I don’t want to move, even the sheets feel uncomfortable! Where is the nanny service that will come and tend your sick children so you can rest? Today, that nanny service is a huge pile of pillows and blankets on the living room floor and Netflix Watch Instantly. There will be children rolling and playing in it and somewhere underneath I will be huddled with my tissue box.


September 11, 2011

I’m sitting here at the dining room table, tapping this blog post out, and wondering where the days have gone to. August was atrocious, and so far September is trying very hard to out do August. We spent August traveling back and forth to NY as mom started her chemo and we worked at getting life “back to normal” or at least a new normal anyway. My mom has two years of chemo ahead of her, and so a new normal is important. So far, she seems to be handling her chemo like a champ. In all of this ordeal, God has been very good to her.

There was the yard sale fiasco of course. I say fiasco, we actually did really well, between my friend and I we brought in close to $400, three quarters of that going to my friend, who apparently has much more interesting junk than I do. Hurricane Irene showed up the last half of the afternoon on our last day. The heavens opened and in a matter of five minutes three quarters of our stuff was soaked, we were soaked from rushing around shoving stuff deeper into the tents, and it was basically mayhem. My dear friend Casey, who did the yard sale with me, who is also newly pregnant, and also a professional photographer, caught THIS shot of me just moments after we finished the Irene Hustle. I was showing my true feelings about the yard sale hurricane combo.

The following day, I literally drove up 81 with Irene to pick up my daughter. Again, not the greatest fun. Labor Day weekend, I said if anyone calls us to go anywhere I may punch them in face. We spent lots of time at home, in pj’s, doing a whole lot of nothing. It was bliss! We did go up to Travis’s Aunt and Uncle’s cabin for a bit and that is always good fun.

This past week, it rained, a lot. After all the township’s construction out our front door this winter, I think they must have changed the way the water runs around our house because we normally get at least an inch of water in our basement with a day or two of solid rain. This time however, after days and days of it pouring and us battening down the hatches, we got a little dribble. Not bad, and I’m not complaining.

My parents didn’t make out as well. Back up in NY they were preparing for a flood that some were predicting would be nearly as bad as the one they had in 2006 which resulted in Travis and I moving our wedding to PA rather than having it four feet under water in NY. How’s that for a run on sentence! Anywho, mom and dad were evacuated on Thursday, they packed some things and had an impromptu slumber party at a friend’s house. They came home Friday to water front property (all around the house), but no damage to the house. So that was an answer to prayer. Phew!

I had a lovely visit with some of my favorite relatives as they stopped in Friday for a bit, before continuing on up to NY to see the rest of the family. They have a brand new baby/grand baby that needs showing off.

Elizabeth and I canned 24 quarts of peaches.

I got absolutely disgusted with the house and cleaned the heck out of it.

I made cupcakes for my best friend’s son’s 2nd birthday because her oven died a day before the party. Yeah, not cool for her! I had fun though, I love doing fun kids stuff and the cupcakes came out super cute! I think the birthday boy (and everyone else) enjoyed them.

Now, as I mentioned, I am sitting here at the dining room table tap-tap-tapping away and feeling a wee bit zombie like. I think this coming week is going to be spent doing calm, relaxing things. Hmm, may have to sell the kids to do that…