Getting back on track

So, we had a Pimps and Ho’s party here on Monday. Yep, I dressed up like a hooker, a lady of the night. And that’s another blog post all in itself. Ha, yes, I am going to leave that one hanging for now.

Anywho, there were lots of pictures taken and they were funny as heck, that is, until I started really looking at myself. I have really gotten way off track with my eating and exercising habits. I was doing so great late spring early summer. Now, I haven’t been to the gym in two months. I eat terribly, way too much sugar. It’s showing in those pictures. What’s worse is I keep thinking of the diabetes that runs in my family, and how it’s preventable. I am thinking of my mom and the situation she’s in, that maybe could have been prevented by routine colonoscopies. Suddenly, I’m very angry with myself. I need to get back on track, and that’s what I did yesterday. I started by making sure I made good food choices all day yesterday. With my cold I’m not sure how well I’d do at the gym, but I may give it a try tonight anyway. Day 2, here we go, I can do this.

Oh, and it was a going away party. A dear friend is leaving us to go to India. She told us the city she was moving to had a problem with male prostitution, and so there was much joking about her becoming a pimp to help bring in extra cash.


2 Responses to Getting back on track

  1. Mom says:

    If all of a sudden she starts sending money home I guess we can assume what is going on. Lady of the night. . ..hmmmmm sounds like a pajama party. . .NOT! Gigi

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