Put the fork down stupid!

I was one of this kids brought up in a home where you had to finish everything on your plate. Now as an adult, subconsciously, this has become a hard habit to break. Tonight was date night and Travis and I decided to feed the kids and grab a late dinner at this awesome authentic Mexican restaurant everyone has been talking about. We both ordered chicken chimichangas. Oh man! When the waiter placed them in front of us I just though, “How am I going to make my way through this?” We dug right in, and man was it good! Fresh made guacamole, refried beans, everything smothered in cheese. It was fabulous, but I kept thinking, “Geeze, I’m gonna die if I eat this all! How am I going to finish this?” And that’s when it struck me right there, “PUT THE FORK DOWN STUPID!” I realized (and I know this will sound crazy, but I also know many people who are stuck in the same thought pattern) that I didn’t have to eat it all. I sat there for a minute staring down at this delicious food and realized there was no parent who was going to make me finish everything. I realized that yup, it’s delicious, that doesn’t mean I have to eat the entire thing to enjoy it. I’m not going to hurt anybodies feelings if I don’t wolf down this insanely large portion of food. It was this mini epiphany. You don’t have to eat everything on your plate. In fact, it’s probably best if you don’t. When I came to, I realized I had only eaten a third of the chimichanga and I was stuffed. Good grief! How was I going to feel if I did eat the entire thing!? So, I put the fork down and continued visiting with my husband while he finished his chimichanga. Lord bless him and his crazy metabolism.


2 Responses to Put the fork down stupid!

  1. Mom says:

    You do know you can take it home and get another meal from your night out. . . maybe even share with Finn. Gigi

  2. I'm the Mom says:

    At home, you can control your portions, but I hardly ever finish what is on my plate when we go out to restaurants. I wish they would downsize their portions AND their prices. Or you can follow Gigi’s new rule of thumb: She orders dessert and skips the meal! Bad habit started with me and Aunt Patti. LOL!

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