I’ve been in a funk lately. Generally hating my life. Hating being poor. Hating the necessity of being polite to people who no longer deserve it. Just generally being fed up with being Mary Freaking Sunshine every minute of the day. I’m in a foul mood.


2 Responses to Funk

  1. Linda says:

    I’m sorry you’re feeling so down. I get that way a lot. Sometimes it’s the weather, or the grown kids with problems, or siblings, or the husband. Sometimes it’s just me. Not being able to do what I want; people imposing on my time. I think money is an issue with all regular people. But then I think of all those men and women losing their lives in foreign countries – and their families who suffer; people losing their homes, have no job and no where to go; kids who don’t have enough to eat; people who have no one to turn to, talk to, or help them in a time of need. We recently took our adult daughter to Mayo for a checkup; kids with cancer, women my age with cancer; people in wheelchairs; people with all sorts of dibilitating health problems.
    Then I look around our home – our modestly remodeled 40 yr old mobil home; we’re on a fixed income; my husband is 75 and still logs every year for wood to heat our house – our only source of heat; he’s in good health, I’m in good health. Our home is comfortable, warm and dry. We manage to have enough food. We’re in debt up to our eyeballs and will be for years to come. But we have each other; we have our grown kids and our extended family.
    Please find it in your heart to think of all the blessings you do have and focus your days on that. Problems will come and go, but the difference is having someone you love in your life, someone who loves you and is going through it all with you.
    “Nothing is so bad it can’t be worse” — these are words I live by everyday. And someone always has it worse. God give you strength, peace and comfort.

  2. Mom says:

    Sounds like you need a dose of Nana and Papa which I understand will be heading your way next weekend. hugs, Gigi

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