Here I sit, wallowing in my own murk. Whining about my cushy first world life with my first world problems. Meanwhile, half a world away, in Africa, in the Congo, someone’s baby has been stolen. Someone’s little boy has been forcibly taken from them to fight a war that is not theirs. This little boy however is still too small to hold a machine gun, so instead, his weapon is a whistle. He is given a whistle and put on the very front line. That’s right, you heard me. Think of a kindergartner, or even worse, do as I did and think of my Finnigan, given a whistle and told to walk at the head of the line and blow it as loud as he can to “frighten” the enemy and then…be a shield. Use that little body to take a spray of bullets, to be the first line of defense. Don’t think about running the other way, or you will be shot from behind by your own army. That’s what they are doing, that’s what is happening in the Congo even as I type these words.

I was trying to figure out what the pendent is that Skrillex wears around his neck all the time. After an hour of searching for a photo with a good close up I realized it was a whistle. At first I thought it was a dog whistle, but after a short Google search it lead me to an interview he did where he mentioned his support of this, Falling Whistles. I went from planning my Halloween costume and sitting in my cozy, safe living room to crying at the loss of thousands of mothers in Africa. I cried over the unspeakable acts they are committing, and have been for years. How foolish I have been. Please, please, please, take a minute to go to the Falling Whistles website, read their story, and if there is any way possible, please purchase a whistle and become a whistleblower for peace.


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