Dear Grandma B

November 8, 2011

Hi Grandma. Just thought I’d check in and see how things are going in heaven. We miss you down here. We’ve been talking about you lately, quite a bit actually. Mostly we’ve been discussing your wonderful mittens and your favorite tea. When I think of you, I have this mental picture of you standing behind Jesus holding a sweater up to his back to gauge if it will fit him or not and then telling him he’ll grow into it. Only you are both in your old apartment on Watson St. Apparently heaven is either a teensy apartment or wherever your grandma is. Who knows, maybe it’s both. I have a feeling it won’t be anything like our pale human preconceived notions of heaven. Anywho.

I just wanted to tell you I love you. I think of you often. Your picture sits on my round table in my living room and I glance at it whenever I have my needles in hand. I wish you could see how much your gift has meant to me through the years. I hope one day to hang your picture in my own yarn shop. You and Gigi will have your own “wall of fame”.

Today I am making a couple of pairs of mittens in your honor. Aunt Peg and Cousin Amy and I were talking about your great mittens the other day. I remember getting a pair each year for Christmas. You made mittens for all of us. I remember at the Besemer family Christmas at Aunt Bev’s. I miss those get togethers. They were the only time of year I got to see that side of my family. When you passed, we all talked of those Christmas’s and how we needed to do that again. Well, we haven’t. Ah, good intentions. I’m sitting here trying to figure out how many pairs of mittens you made a year. You must have knit a pair every week. More probably, you were always knitting for the church bazaar as well.

So when I get to heaven, I hope you have a cup of tea and Yahtzee waiting for me. We have a lot of catching up to do. Sending you big hugs. Tell Jesus I said “Hi” and I’ll talk to him later. I love you and miss you.



The mani shades of my crazy

November 7, 2011

I am the type of person that gets focused on something to the point of distraction. “I’m sorry, did you say yarn?” “Hold that thought a second will you? Excuse me, I love your eyeshadow, what brand is that?” “Shhhh! It’s my favorite Skrillex song.” Yeah, I’m a full blown nut burger, but most folks seem to enjoy me that way.

About two weeks ago I was prowling the forums at Ravelry and stumbled across the Painted Ladies forum. A place for those of us that love to experiment with make up and wear lots of it! There was a thread specifically devoted to manicures. Oh boy, talk about fanning the long dormant embers of my nail art obsession. We are on fire now baby! I spent all my mad money on nail polish this last week and I’m adding oh about…20 bottles to my Christmas wish list.  You gotta love nail polish because there are so many great colors and so many brands that have pretty good formulas for only a couple bucks a pop. Some of my favorite brands are (in no particular order):  China Glaze, Sinful Colors, OPI, Essie, Zoya, Orly, Kleancolor, and there’s probably a ton more I’m not evening remembering.

Anywho, here’s some of the manis I’ve done on myself and Elizabeth in the past week or two.


November 4, 2011

I promised you an update on the girls in the backyard so here it is! We finished the coop, in so much as a man who likes to build ever really finishes something. He’s got other plans to improve it. I’m pretty sure those girls have a nicer house than we do. I give to you Firefly Farm in all it’s lovely charm.

Our fancy nest boxes which of course the girls don't use. We are now working to turn them into feeders.

I love this coop. Travis did an amazing job just going from my simple plans. Thanks honey! The girls thank you too.

We ended up giving away our roosters. Dave, the bearded bantam, was both gorgeous and insanely comical (watching our little Napoleon run was enough to leave you in fits). However both he and Drummy started getting a little too roostery. Finny found himself on the losing end of Dave’s spurs a couple times.

Aww Dave, I miss you, you crazy little roo

I hate to say it Drummy, but Elizabeth does not miss you.

And then there’s the girls:  Sylvie, Georgia, Elsie, Ruby, Rose, Esther, and our little Annabelle. Sylvie and Georgia both started laying in the last two weeks. Hoping that the other girls will take the hint and start laying soon as well.

Here’s a picture of some of the eggs we got this week. The one on the right is from Sylvia our Silver Laced Wyandotte, that’s your average brown eggs. The one in the middle is Georgia’s first egg. She’s a maran, so her eggs (once she gets good at laying) will be a lovely dark chocolate color. The one on the left is her second egg. You can see how much darker it is already.

So there you go, that’s the update on our flock. Travis set up a lamp for them so that it goes on at dusk for two hours. It’s funny to look out the window in the dark and see the coop all lit up. We are always cracking jokes about the parties the girls are having out there.

Go Hubby, Go!

November 3, 2011

So Travis is taking his first real steps towards enrolling in college this evening. Even if it’s not my turn to go, I refuse to be bitter. This is very exciting for Husbeast, and I want to be just as excited for him. I know he’s incredibly nervous and this, what he’s doing, takes so much strength and courage. I can’t even begin to say how proud I am of him. Hey you! If you actually decided to take my advice and start reading your wife’s blog. I’M PROUD OF YOU! Anywho, he’s going to a seminar at a college here in town this evening that’s aimed specifically at adults going to college. Travis told me a few weeks ago that he knew two years after graduating that not going to college was a huge mistake. How often in life do we get the chance to fix big mistakes? Again with the huge proudness! Yay God for second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. chances!

In slightly less exciting news I have decided that Wednesday nights are manicure nights here. I love doing my nails and I love doing other folks nails. There was a time when I was looking into getting licensed, I showed my manicurist what I was doing on my own and she said if I got my license she had a booth with my name on it. So I guess this means we just add one more name to the door of my burgeoning yarn shop business. Some friends and I have a genius business plan in place. No really, it’s serious brain work here. We are going to have a Yarn Shop Photography Studio Cafe Computer Repair Midwifery Shop. And now we will have to add Nail Salon to the end of that as well. Our plan is to lure my friends pregnant clients in for their prenatal appointments, then shunt them down the line with, “Gosh, you’re positively glowing, you should get a maternity shoot while you’re here. Oh, and we just got this fabulous new cashmere yarn in. Did you know cashmere is washable? Very baby friendly! How about a cup of tea, you look like you could put your feet up and rest a bit. How about a mani while you drink that tea? Didn’t you mention your computer was running a bit slow lately? Why don’t you bring that in on your next prenatal?” See? It’s pure brilliant brainy-ness.

What the heck was I talking about? Oh yeah! Manicure night! Holy Rabbit Trail Batman! Here is my Halloween mani. I called it my Frankenglam (not an actual Franken polish, I’m going to try my hand at those soon though).

Seche clear/Funky Fingers Tribal/China Glaze Black Crackle/Funky Fingers Stage Dive/ Seche Vite

I have to clean my cuticles up then I will take a pic of last nights mani. Another crackle, but I’m not entirely chuffed about it. Thank you Casey for introducing me to the wonderful word that is “chuffed”. If I remember, I will post my other mani pic tomorrow. It also occurred to me yesterday, that I really owe you a ton of chicken/coop/egg pictures. Bad blogger! Bad, bad blogger!