Go Hubby, Go!

So Travis is taking his first real steps towards enrolling in college this evening. Even if it’s not my turn to go, I refuse to be bitter. This is very exciting for Husbeast, and I want to be just as excited for him. I know he’s incredibly nervous and this, what he’s doing, takes so much strength and courage. I can’t even begin to say how proud I am of him. Hey you! If you actually decided to take my advice and start reading your wife’s blog. I’M PROUD OF YOU! Anywho, he’s going to a seminar at a college here in town this evening that’s aimed specifically at adults going to college. Travis told me a few weeks ago that he knew two years after graduating that not going to college was a huge mistake. How often in life do we get the chance to fix big mistakes? Again with the huge proudness! Yay God for second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. chances!

In slightly less exciting news I have decided that Wednesday nights are manicure nights here. I love doing my nails and I love doing other folks nails. There was a time when I was looking into getting licensed, I showed my manicurist what I was doing on my own and she said if I got my license she had a booth with my name on it. So I guess this means we just add one more name to the door of my burgeoning yarn shop business. Some friends and I have a genius business plan in place. No really, it’s serious brain work here. We are going to have a Yarn Shop Photography Studio Cafe Computer Repair Midwifery Shop. And now we will have to add Nail Salon to the end of that as well. Our plan is to lure my friends pregnant clients in for their prenatal appointments, then shunt them down the line with, “Gosh, you’re positively glowing, you should get a maternity shoot while you’re here. Oh, and we just got this fabulous new cashmere yarn in. Did you know cashmere is washable? Very baby friendly! How about a cup of tea, you look like you could put your feet up and rest a bit. How about a mani while you drink that tea? Didn’t you mention your computer was running a bit slow lately? Why don’t you bring that in on your next prenatal?” See? It’s pure brilliant brainy-ness.

What the heck was I talking about? Oh yeah! Manicure night! Holy Rabbit Trail Batman! Here is my Halloween mani. I called it my Frankenglam (not an actual Franken polish, I’m going to try my hand at those soon though).

Seche clear/Funky Fingers Tribal/China Glaze Black Crackle/Funky Fingers Stage Dive/ Seche Vite

I have to clean my cuticles up then I will take a pic of last nights mani. Another crackle, but I’m not entirely chuffed about it. Thank you Casey for introducing me to the wonderful word that is “chuffed”. If I remember, I will post my other mani pic tomorrow. It also occurred to me yesterday, that I really owe you a ton of chicken/coop/egg pictures. Bad blogger! Bad, bad blogger!


2 Responses to Go Hubby, Go!

  1. Linda says:

    Congrats on husbeast going back to college. And you, dear girl! You keep those business opportunities popping in your head. No guts – no glory! And it’s so much easier to realize when you have support. Hope all you gals put your heads together and make something – if not all of them!–work!! I’m cheering for you all! Remember every journey starts with one foot step! God bless and stay strong.

  2. msjohannah says:

    Is he going to Shippensburg? I’ve applied to go this coming fall (2012). I don’t think we will have the same classes. But who knows!

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