The mani shades of my crazy

I am the type of person that gets focused on something to the point of distraction. “I’m sorry, did you say yarn?” “Hold that thought a second will you? Excuse me, I love your eyeshadow, what brand is that?” “Shhhh! It’s my favorite Skrillex song.” Yeah, I’m a full blown nut burger, but most folks seem to enjoy me that way.

About two weeks ago I was prowling the forums at Ravelry and stumbled across the Painted Ladies forum. A place for those of us that love to experiment with make up and wear lots of it! There was a thread specifically devoted to manicures. Oh boy, talk about fanning the long dormant embers of my nail art obsession. We are on fire now baby! I spent all my mad money on nail polish this last week and I’m adding oh about…20 bottles to my Christmas wish list.  You gotta love nail polish because there are so many great colors and so many brands that have pretty good formulas for only a couple bucks a pop. Some of my favorite brands are (in no particular order):  China Glaze, Sinful Colors, OPI, Essie, Zoya, Orly, Kleancolor, and there’s probably a ton more I’m not evening remembering.

Anywho, here’s some of the manis I’ve done on myself and Elizabeth in the past week or two.


2 Responses to The mani shades of my crazy

  1. turtlejen says:

    I’ve been seeing this nail art craze and am only $$ away from getting into it myself. I don’t need another thing to spend my non existent allowance on!!

    Beautiful work. Really love the last one!

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