Dear Christmas

There is a light blanket of snow on the ground this morning. Finally. And I’m kind of missing Christmas already. It’s ten days since Christmas. We spend so much time preparing for it and shopping and cleaning and baking and mailing and stamping and emailing and ordering and singing and sewing and knitting and wrapping and decorating and then, it’s over. I do think Kipper the dog is right, Christmas Eve, with it’s waiting and anticipation, is far better than Christmas day, with it’s presents and parties.

In typical fashion I have already drafted a list of all the things I am going to knit for people for next Christmas. I have it planned out month by month so that I won’t be swamped with Christmas knitting come December. I am sure by March this list will be tossed to the side and forgotten, buried under new knitting patterns and magazines and works in progress. Ah well. A thought occurred to me earlier, that rather than work on so and so’s presents a month at a time, perhaps this year I will make a list of all the people I plan to knit for through this year, be it birthday, Christmas, or Mother’s Day and knit for each person for one month. For example, February could be Travis’s month where I could knit Christmas, Father’s Day, and birthday presents for him. What a nice way to remember a person, all month long.

We spent a lovely evening with my husband’s parents a day or two before Christmas. We had a party with another branch of the family Christmas Eve. It was rather a regrettable party in that I would much rather have been at the Christmas Eve service at church, it was however, nice to see that side of the family. We spent a wonderful, relaxed Christmas day in our pj’s playing with all of our new toys. I made a pan of lasagna in the afternoon. It was a good day. I felt so blessed, seeing the presents under the tree, and watching my kids play. Anymore and I am quite happy to see my kids opening their gifts.  It truly is better to give than receive. A day or two after Christmas we packed our new (new to us, it’s used)  mini van up and drove up to NY to spend Christmas with my side of the family. Again, it was really great to see everyone. Seannan was ready to go home with Uncle Eric although he wouldn’t give Aunt Kristy the time of day. We spent a couple nice visits with my Dad and stepmom. My sis in law and I took mom to her chemo appointment, she’s doing great by the way. She experiences some painful side effects from the chemo, but is handling it so well. I’m just amazed by her strength. It was a great visit. And of course, I was definitely ready to sleep in my own bed last night when we arrived home.Home is good, it’s nice to visit, but home feels so wonderful.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.




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