The weather is stupid aka I might be rambling a bit

My plan is to tell you how dumb our weather here is today. It’s January, and my kids played in the back yard without coats. In January. Yeah, stupid. Not happy. Now that I’ve done that it gets me to thinking about blogs and why we read them. I think, as a whole, the human race is just nosy. We all blog about our life or something that interests us. I know some folks feel they need to impart something useful or superbly interesting or even something educational to their readers. And then I look at my blog. I don’t put up tutorials on how to make your own wardrobe out of thrift store finds. I don’t post delectable recipes for you to run to your kitchen to try (although I should put up my mac’ n cheese recipe). Heck, I barely post any real knitting content on here anymore. Or pictures for that matter. I honestly have no idea how many readers I have. It’s probably a lot fewer folks than I would like to admit. And yet, I still keep posting, ahem, now and then. I love reading other folks blogs just to “peek” into their lives as well. As I said, we are nosy. I sometimes feel like my blog is lacking, like I need to do something to attract more readers. And then I remember, that hey, this blog is first and foremost, for me. If I want to put more work into it to reel in more readers, then it becomes just that, work. And no one has offered to pay me yet for my point of view of the world in general so…yeah. And yet, there is that part of me that would really like to do something with this blog other than ramble on about the crazy stuff my kids did and how many eggs the chickens laid and what my nails look like (Hell! I need to do a new mani.) So, that’s the bits of wet wool and dead flies that have been rattling around my brain today.

How about that weather, ay?


11 Responses to The weather is stupid aka I might be rambling a bit

  1. turtlemade says:

    Did my nails, removed the polish. Chickens gave me two eggs today. There, how exciting was that? 😀

  2. Gigi says:

    Wandered thru your thoughts. . . . nice to hear what my first grandaughter is doing and how the great grands are doing. Also how are the hens? We got 7 eggs today. . . a good day for them. On low egg days Grandpa says “quit letting them out so they’ll get on the nest.” Sunshine and fairly nice today so guess who let them out this afternoon. They like table scraps [pancakes left from the last evening] and I think when they get more of them we get more eggs as a thank you. Oeeled several onions the other day for a casserole and they went crazy with this onion skins! Where’s the nourishment in them? Watch out for ‘nice’ days. Next thing you know you’ll have snotty nosed babies running around. The ground is still damp. Hockey game this evening. B-Sens won 3 – 1. Another one tomorrow night. . . . so much fun! I really enjoy them. Try not to holler in the ears of the people in front of me but that’s what we’re there for. . . . right? Nosey? no just curious and interested as to how youse guys are doing. Love ya, Gigi

  3. missab26 says:

    Don’t fret about the weather – We’ve still got March. 🙂 One of the articles I read yesterday said “they” (???) still expected average to above average snowfall for the year.

  4. I’m one of those lame people that REALLY likes to read about other people’s lives, especially friends and family. That’s why I probably overshare like a mother on my own blog. Being far away from everyone makes you really appreciate technology like blogs that can keep you in the “daily” loop. Also? Yeah, probably nosy. 🙂

  5. Linda says:

    I for one, love reading your blog; please keep at it. I don’t care that’s there’s no pictures, recipes or how-to’s. I just need certification that someone else’s life is similar to mine (minus the kids — all grown and gone here). Just the everyday, hum-drum, somewhat normal, actual living……life. You make me laugh, shake my head with understanding and be thankful that we’re all really in the same boat. Now, let’s all pray it’s not the “Titanic”!! Have a great weekend! And please, keep blogging!!

  6. onmyneedles says:

    I’m totally one of those people who are nosy (but only a little). One reason I read blogs is to keep in contact with people who I don’t get to see or talk to very often, especially you and Casey. 🙂

    I think this weather is crazy and I’m really not happy about it either. It’ll be my luck that we’ll have a blizzard the day I go into labor and won’t be able to make it to the hospital!

  7. unadillabarb says:

    I love your blog and was surprised to see all of the new entries. I half expected to still see Grandma B.’s entry still up. I can’t talk much. I went nearly a month without blogging and sometimes wonder who out there is reading me.

    I love you and I’m reading your blog.

    Love, Mom

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