Speshal Snowflakes

I’m part of a witty, yet snarky group of folks online who refer to the type of person who feels especially entitled, as a “speshal snowflake”. You know the one, the world must bow and cater to them. They are the axis that earth revolves on, and boy howdy, you’d better know it. If they have kids, it’s worse because, well then you have little angels who can do no wrong. Yeah, speshal snowflakes. This phenomenon can also occur with yarn. I would imagine, as with other arts, it can happen with fabric, or paint, or beads, or whatever your particular brand of crack is. It is yarn that is so special that once you see it you must have it. All of it. Do you know what you will make with it? What are you crazy? It doesn’t matter what I’m going to make with it, I neeeds it! It is mine! My own…my precious. You get the idea.

I have two such examples of speshal snowflake yarn buried in my stash. I take them out now and again and lovingly pet them. I rub them against my cheek ever so gently so as not to felt them. No, I will not let you touch it, it’s mine. Make something for you with it? Ha! No, really, get off it, my yarn. I will bite your finger if you touch it again. Ahem, yes, the first is a silk/merino blend, single ply, hand dye that I purchased off an indie dyer on ebay long before Etsy was born. I bought all three skeins she had available. It is simply breathtaking. The combination of the silk and merino make it soft beyond imagining and the silk gives it that lovely sheen. The single ply core makes it airy and squishy (albeit, prone to fuzzies). The colors, gold and burgundy, are the colors of a glorious sunset on the water, also, the colors of Gryffindor house. It is, you see, perfection in yarn. I have thus far forced myself to knit a hat from it, and that is it. The second of my speshal snowflakes is 100% alpaca sport weight. It was spun into sport weight glory with the coat of two different alpacas, each color separately spun into a single and then the two colors plied together to make a stunning brown. (Correction, I have just done a WPI and it is most definitely fingering weight, not sport weight. Also, it was spun from the coats of three different colored alpacas!) My mother went to a local alpaca farm and purchased a skein of this pricey find for me for Christmas. After opening my gift I knew I had to have more. So I went back to the alpaca farm and bought every single last ounce of it they had.

I love my speshal snowflake yarns. There is no project that is speshal enough to knit with them though. They are so perfect, that I just can’t ever seem to find a pattern that would do them justice. Well damn it! I’ve reached the point in my life where I don’t have the time or patience for speshal snowflakes, the people or the yarn! So they are getting knit this year. If I do nothing else knitworthy this year, it will be to knit up both of my speshal snowflake yarns. The first one up on the list is the silk/merino blend. For those of you who aren’t in the know, silk is ridiculously warm. Blend it with wool, and wowsa, you have one incredibly soft and warm knit garment. Despite our stupid weather (see previous post), I know it will get cold soon. I want a cowl, a nice heavy, squishy, bury my face so that I’m nothing but a talking mass of yarn about my head cowl. I may also rip out my hat, wash and reskein the yarn and knit a new equally squishy hat to match. I have been browsing patterns and I can’t find one that does this yarn justice, (see? speshal snowflake) as they are all patterns with intricate stitches and the colorway of this yarn eats intricate stitches for breakfast. So, I’ll probably end up writing my own pattern in something very simple.

While I am busy with my speshal snowflake cowl I will be weighing the alpaca, measuring the yardage, swatching it, and looking for a pattern. This one will be a lot harder because I really do have a ridiculous amount of the yarn and because I really don’t know what type of garment I’d like to knit it into.

I guess the wisdom that I long to impart to all of you today, is beware the speshal snowflake. They find you, you never actively seek them out. If you aren’t careful you can get swept up in the care and feeding of your speshal snowflake and they suck the life right out of you.  Get over their “speshalness” already and do something with them.


3 Responses to Speshal Snowflakes

  1. Gigi says:

    Hello Speshal granddaughter [can never figure out if there should be a space between grand and daughter or maybe one d, or two d’s as I’ve done] Howsomever I’ve injoyed your speshal yarn . . . story. I know what you mean. I have many speshal items in a couple of drawers and top shelf of a closet to play with when I retire or have time to do. I retired [maybe 15 years ago according to Social Security], but always seem to have other speshal stuff to do or order to add to my speshal stash. Guess you can add me to your list of Speshal snowflakes. hugs, Gigi

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