What ifs

I didn’t sleep well last night. I was visited by specters of my past. Very Dickensian, I know, but there it is. Specters of my past which make me question my present. I made the same decision I always make, to leave the past and continue on to the future. It’s odd though, as dreams like this occur quite often for me. So, my dear subconscious, why do you keep bringing it up? Why is it in my sleep you are pestering me with ‘what if’ and ‘why that’? Is there something that I should have done differently? Was there a fork in the road where I should have went left instead of right? Well my dear, it’s much too late for that. And the reality is this, I made my choice, so can we please get back to the dreams of Spock and Doctor Who and strange, dark mysterious native Americans and shoe shopping with an endless budget? Thank you.


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