When life gives you leftovers

Make fried rice! I always feel bad for those lonely bits of leftover rice floating around in the fridge. It seems the only thing they ever get added to, other than the compost heap, is soup. How boring! Today, they got turned into a delicious lunch thanks to my new wok.

Oh man was it good. I literally just grabbed things out of the fridge/freezer and started tossing it in my wok. I started with some peanut oil and a few drops of sesame oil, and got my wok good and hot. Then I tossed in the rice and mixed it well with the oil. While I was letting that cook I dug out a tiny bag of frozen peas and carrots that was just hanging out in the freezer and chucked them in. Next went in a lone can of bean sprouts from the cupboard. I normally prefer fresh sprouts, but these weren’t too bad. I finished it off with some chopped green onions, garlic, soy sauce, a dash of hot sauce and salt and pepper. I have found that with food cooked in a wok, you really need to go big with the flavor. The food is cooked over super high heat, so it’s cooked fast, and you really don’t have a lot of time to let the flavors meld, as you do with other styles of cooking. It’s go bold or go home. Mmmm!


3 Responses to When life gives you leftovers

  1. Gigi says:

    There’s no doubt that Finn will get every bit of what is in his bowl into his tummy. It is amazing to see how well he uses the chopsticks. I’d have my eye poked out. That does look yummy. Makes me want to make up some left over rice for supper some evening. Tonight we’re having left over spaghetti. . . . if it thaws out. Grandpa got home from visiting with Uncle Gary last eve and instead of putting the spaghetti pot in the fridge after he ate what he wanted he put the pot out on the porch. Of course, the fridge has a few grapefruits in there so maybe that’s the reason it got sot out on the porch. Gigi

  2. onmyneedles says:

    That looks yummy! Andy and I got a huge wok for our bridal shower and it’s probably our most used pan! We absolutely love stir-fry’s of all kinds. I would say we probably have at least one or two stir-fry’s a week. Ours usually consist of meat and veges (although the last one we made had rice). Andy’s become a master stir-fry maker. 🙂

  3. So glad I got you a Christmas present that you are having so much fun with!

    Love, Mom

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