Cherish every *blessed* moment

You know how when you have kids, every now and again, someone will remind you to cherish each moment. Because the next thing you know they will be grown up, and you will be missing those days. My best friend and I were just asking if we really had to cherish every moment? Because there are some moments that I am so ready to not cherish. Like the time Finn wiped poop on the bathroom wall. Or when I put Finn in timeout and he’s crying and Seannan decides to come over and put his nose on the wall and I shoo him away and he starts crying because he *wants* to be in timeout. Or how about those days when you didn’t get enough sleep and your kids have you up at the butt crack of dawn and you just want to go back to bed. Yep. Apparently, women get really bored once their kids grow up, because you’ve got to be bored to look back on those moments and cherish them. Or maybe it’s just that at that point our children have turned our brains to Spam.


2 Responses to Cherish every *blessed* moment

  1. unadillabarb says:

    I vote for “spam.” Still waiting to get mine back. My normal brain got intercepted by mental-pause and then chemo brain. 😉

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