Beauty blogger to be?

Probably not, however, I wanted to pass something on. I have always had red skin, I’m pretty sure I have mild rosacea, although I’ve never been to a dermatologist to find out. My skin is very sensitive. I break out from so many different things. Mary Kay is something I won’t touch with a ten foot pole. Many cheaper cosmetics. Cleansers especially, even some of the ‘natural’ formulas. It is very rare for me to wash my face and not have it feel tight or itchy or burning or all of the above. Anything specifically geared towards acne usually burns my face and leaves me with an awful rash. Even with some of the really mild things I’ve used in the past every now and then my skin would pitch a fit and have a reaction.

Physicians Formula is a brand that I have never had a problem with, although until very recently, they’ve only made make up. This past fall (2011) they branched out into the cosmeceutical skincare market. They have three different formulas in their line. Their Sensitivity & Redness formula caught my eye.

Physicicans Formula – Skin Concern – Sensitivity & Redness

I picked up the moisturizer, as that’s usually the safest for me to try first. It is a very light formula, non greasy, and tinted mint green. I was very surprised at how well it moisturized for how light it is. And, as advertised, I did notice that my skin was less red right away. My skin felt great and I woke up the next morning with super soft skin. So I went back and grabbed the cleanser. I figured I would give it a try too. It’s great! Seriously, I don’t care if it ever diminishes my redness or not. Just the fact that I can use a cleanser that actually:  cut through my make up, rinses clean without leaving an oily film on my face, rinses clean without leaving my skin feeling tight, is worth it. And it doesn’t hurt! This is the first time I can remember, even using the gentlest cleansers, where my face didn’t feel like I had scrubbed it with an S.O.S. pad when I was done. My face felt smooth, clean, and soft…and it wasn’t red. When I wash my face it’s always bright red when I’m done. Not this time. I think I’m going to pick up the rest of the line and maybe a couple products from the other formulas in the line. I’m curious to see if it will actually diminish the red in my skin over time. For now, I’m just happy to have something so gentle on my mug!

The only drawback is that you can only buy it online or at WalMart. WalMart is taking over the world.


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