What to blog, what to blog…

What to blog…I got nothin’. I’m sitting here trying to think of something exciting to tell all you wonderful readers out in blog land and I really can’t think of anything. So, I’m just going to start typing and hopefully something poignant (or at least not incredibly dull) will come out in the end.

Yeah, I really got nothin’ today. The kids haven’t done anything incredibly cute. The same ‘ol same ‘ol family stuff his happening, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Seannan was sick with that awful death plague stomach bug that’s been going around. Finny had his one year check up from when he broke his leg (remember that?) and his bone is looking great, growing the way it’s supposed to. Elizabeth may be starting her first job. I knit some stuff. I picked up the bedroom. We are buying a new memory foam mattress with some of our tax refund, so as to prevent me from becoming homicidal due to lack of sleep and back pain. Yep, my life is so exciting I can hardly stand it. And that’s all I got.

And now I’m really going to blow it and hit “publish”.


2 Responses to What to blog, what to blog…

  1. Gigi says:

    Sounds you’re right in there with the rest of us. Cabin fever hits about this time every year. We’ve been lucky we haven’t had snow to keep us really housebound. The roads are clear and we can come and go without fear of sliding in the median. I sat here with a bowl full of freshly baked cookies thinking I had great-grandchildren coming to eat a few last weekend. I’ve eaten most of them [probably should have put them in the freezer for next trip] but now I’m wearing them. My laptop is working great. Haven’t taken it to my room yet but when the tv gets cranked up there I’ve been thinking of pulling the plug on something or other. Gigi

  2. unadillabarb says:

    Nice to see your life looks like mine. Winter blahs. It would be so much nicer if it was “white” outside. This stupid brown is enough to send anyone back to bed … with or without memory foam! 😦

    Love, Mom

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