Dear Finnigan

March 27, 2012

Listen buddy, I need you to know something. You are three, very quickly going on four here in May. You are very good at being “that” toddler. You know the one. The kid screaming in the grocery store with the mother who looks like she wants to just leave you in the cart in the isle and run away screaming and crying herself. Yeah, that’s us bud. You’re the kid who really didn’t want to share at all, with anybody. Although, surprisingly, sharing seems to have clicked with you recently. You used to eat every vegetable known to man, and lately, I’m lucky if I can get you to eat anything, vegetable or not. You don’t listen to save your life. You wear your “angry face” way too much. You have picked up whining somewhere recently, and I’m hoping this phase goes by quickly, as you’ve never been too whiny in the past. You tell me no to just about everything, even things that I know you like…you booger.  “I need!”  “I want!”  “Gimme!”  Seem to be in every sentence you say lately.

I see the looks people give you in that a fore mentioned grocery store. I also see the looks they give me. You know, as if this is all my fault, and I’m not doing some magic parenting thing that’s so obvious to all of the other mothers. I want to say, “What? Do you have a problem with my son? I’m doing the best I can so stop glaring at me! He’s a three year old boy, a NORMAL three year old boy!” I see the looks some of our family give you, and that hurts the worst. I love that Seanny stops women of all ages in their tracks with his charm and sweetness, but it brakes my heart when they don’t even acknowledge you, sitting right next to him. They don’t see the you I know.

Listen my love, my love, my love. I love you. And Daddy loves you. And Big Sissy loves you. And Seanny loves you. We get to see you snuggling and wrestling with Seanny on the floor and giggling like mad. We get to see you flop down next to Rudey and kiss his head and pet him. Have I mentioned how proud of you I am lately? You are finally learning to be nice to Rudey. We get to see you picking out a fun toy for Seanny with no thought of yourself at the museum gift shop (and you picked out the perfect items too!). I get to hear you say, “Drive carefully Daddy!” each morning to Daddy as he walks out the door, annunciating each syllable perfectly.  I get to see how incredibly excited you get when Sissy gets home from work. (Boy, wish you were that excited when I got home.) We get to see the nutty little sweet nut burger that you are. I remind myself all the time, that the character traits that make me crazy now, are the ones that will make you a brilliant adult.

So here’s what I’m saying Finnigan. I love you. We love you. When you get “the look” from someone, just remember, the important people in your life love you. And we always will. The Nanas and PopPops, the Lawlas and Georges, the Grammys and Pappys, the Aunt Cryssls and Aunt Caseys. We all love you buddy. And as for those disparaging glancers in the grocery store…well, I hope they drop their eggs in the parking lot.

One to remember

March 5, 2012

You know those days that just seem to be perfect. Even with the little hiccups and bumps in them. The ones where you want to pull them out of your head and put them down in a more concrete manner? Saturday was one of those days. It was just perfect. It was a very March comes in like a lion day. The weather was pleasant, but boy was it windy. Just enough of a nip to make you put a jacket on. Elizabeth had to work, so I dropped her off, and on the way there we got into a good scuff about money, and a trip to Italy, and responsibility, and then I headed back to the house. Ah, being on the cusp of adulthood with no clue. I smell a reality check coming. We took the boys outside to play and burn off some energy and ended up deciding to walk up to the greenhouse to see all the tiny green things just sprouting up. We wandered around and Seanny and I hid in “the jungle” aka the ferns, while Daddy and Finny came to find us. We looked at the giant fish in the koi pond. Seriously, these guys are longer than my arm.

We walked home and Finny cried because he wanted to stay and look at the fish. So, Seanny got off my back and Daddy carried him, and Finny got to ride in the wrap on my back. When we got home, Seanny and Daddy went inside for a supposed nap that never happened, while Finny and I put together his little $1 kite from his Easter basket two years ago. It was a Spiderman kite, and he loves it. We took it out back to our tiny yard, and flew it, and it was windy enough, that we could do so with very little line let out at all. Finny thought that his Spiderman kite was very fine, however, it would be greatly improved if it was a Batman kite. I kinda have to agree with him, no offence Spiderman. We noted a little Seanny face peeping out Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom window every few minutes. At one point, I think karma bit us in the butt, because Spiderman escaped from his lead and I had to go chasing him through the neighborhood while Finny stood on the sandbox and cried because his kite blew away. Thank goodness I caught him. Back into the sky he went, and just as I was getting ready to suggest to Finny that we walk  back to the green house so we could really let Spiderman fly super high, Daddy poked his head out the back door and said that Big Sissy got let off work early because they were dead at work. Odd, it was a really great day for ice cream. Oh yeah! Hey everyone, Elizabeth is working at a local ice cream stand. She loves it!

Anyway, we packed up real quick and went to pick up Big Sissy, all of us got ice cream and then we drove to the mall. Someone, who shall remain nameless, was careless and left their earbuds out where two little brothers could get to them. Needless to say, by the time this was discovered, the ear buds were ear duds. So we went to the mall to get a replacement pair and ended up in the arcade. Oh my gosh that was fun. We are a skee ball family, that’s for sure. Finny loved the skee ball and also the little basketball game that was his size. He got carried away with shooting hoops and his basketball went rolling back out into the mall, but he got it and came ripping back into the arcade, face just shinning. Seanny was very much of the “what the heck is all this nonsense” attitude at first. They had a skeeball game made for wee-uns so Seanny and I decided to give that a try, after 9 tosses Seanny was getting a little miffed that the dang ball wouldn’t stay put when he threw it in the hole, so he ditched me and the rest of his game to go have a look around.

Now, it should be noted that I am a sucker for the games that spit out tickets. Oh man. I will work my butt off to get a mess of tickets so we can get a crappy toy made in China! We found one game were you put your token in and it rolls down a shoot and whatever number it passes through, that’s how many tickets it spits out. Well, this bugger was old and confused. If you got 6 tickets it would spit out 50, if you got 30 tickets, it would spit out 3, however, for the time being it seemed to be working to Seanny’s and my advantage. Seanny put a token in and hit a jackpot, and let me tell you, seeing a teeny little toddler beaming up at you, toddling around the arcade with a six foot tail of tickets wrapped around him and dragging behind him, man it just made my day. He was so cute! Once he figured out that this funny machine would spit out tickets, he was done putting tokens in, instead he would sit and wait for the tickets to start coming out and then he would start ripping. He’s a pretty good ticket tearer offer. Seanny and I figured we’d better save some tickets for others and decided to challenge Daddy to a game of air hockey…and he loved it, got his fingers pinched only once, but man, he loved whacking that little puck and the sounds it made hitting the sides. Daddy kicked our butts, but we had fun anyway.

We left the arcade, sweaty, smelling of copper tokens, and with two little boys carrying inflatable baseball bats that were longer than they were. Big Sissy’s idea, you know, watch them whack each other, you’ve got to admire the way her brain works. She found these crazy little concave popper discs that she remembers as a kid, to annoy me with, and some colorful plastic kazoos. Daddy got us some really great tops that spin pretty good. We walked next door to Subway and between bites of subs and sips of soda, I gave kazoo lessons. I am happy to offer my kazoo skills to all, please contact me for details and class dates.

Around 5:30 we climbed into the minivan to head home, and two little boys fell asleep in no time. It was a great day. I love days spent with the family like that. It was a fairly inexpensive day, and we had such a great time. I leave you with, The Battle of the Bats!

The Battle of the Bats