The creative process

May 12, 2016

And now we take you to the information center, where it all starts, where the creative juices flow freely.

Join us now as we look into Tracey’s brain for a glimpse at the creative process…

…guys, settle down, she wants to write. Is everyone here? Muse, where is Muse? Someone see if you can get Muse on the phone! Okay, someone pitch something, we’ve got to give her something. Crap, where’s that plot line we came up with in the grocery store last week? Did anyone think to make a Keep note?…What the hell? Really? Who’s falling asleep on the job! Move the hand to the phone, make a Keep note to take better Keep notes. Whoa! She’s going for the Plague app, reign her back in. We are writing young lady not wiping out the human race! You started this meeting we are going to finish it!

Alright someone go talk to long term memory, we can start with something from her childhood. Yeah, good…what do you mean he’s napping? Again? Guys come on! We’ve got to give her something. Wait, hang on, everyone it’s time for a Random Moment of Silence, and go…

…annnd we’re coming back on line. Move the eyes to the clock, and cue Exasperation. Alright, alright Xasper, settle down that’s enough. God, every damned time we don’t have access to a pen and paper that’s when Muse shows up, but when we need her, OH no! She can’t be bothered to show. Make a note of this for her end of year review. Hello folks, dig deep, there has got to be something in this mess that we can throw at her. Yeah! Yeah! That short story she’s been stuck on, yeah. Someone grab that. No? No, we’re getting resistance. Okay…OH! I got it! Get stomach on the line!

Yeah, hey Stomach buddy, we could use some rumblings from down your way. A little more, yeah we can here you upstairs. Great thanks. And cue Random Moment of Silence, and go…

…4, 3, 2, 1 and back online. That really IS an interesting smudge on the wall isn’t it? Make a mental note to clean that and file it in the circular file bin. Whoa, Aggravation baby, I don’t think you were on the memo for this meeting. Um, sure you can sit in. Yeah, have a seat, we were just pitching this great idea…”It was a dark and stormy night…” Aggie, buddy, don’t look at me like that. Yeah, no I wasn’t serious, just joking.

Look, I know you are upset Aggie, but you’re going to have to talk to the left brainers, they’ve had the conference room booked solid all week. She’s been out in the shop working on the motorcycle. Maybe if you’d let us share the schedule instead of taking over…oh yeah? Yeah? Well so is your mother!

Aggravation, what a jerk!

Eureka! Boys, I’ve got it! We are going to save the day. This idea is a good one. It’s solid. It’s been a strong performer in the past. We’re calling in the big guns.¬†Get Bladder on the phone.


Later at 2:37 a.m.

Hello? Where is everyone? I can’t see a damn thing in the dark…Guys? It’s Muse…I swear we were having a meeting today…I have the best idea!

Good morning

May 10, 2016

I spent my weekend with a very dear, old friend. That is to say the friendship is old not the friend. It is always a strange home coming when I go back to New York these days. Mostly because it’s just not home anymore. So much has changed in my life, propelling me forward and away. I am so used to growth in my own life, each and every day, that it’s a shock to come home and see so much decay.

Except this place.

Time is slow here and there are tiny changes, minuscule things. The essence is the same though. Peace. Simplicity. Hospitality. My friend is looking to start a new chapter in their life without this house. I would buy it in a heartbeat if it weren’t in New York.

It is home like no other place is.

Those shiny wood floors that were cool to my feet even in the dead heat of summer.

The formica counter in the kitchen.

The lush green lawn that swallows a path down to the river.

The hodge-podge of thrift store furniture.


I know someone will buy it as a fixer upper and change it. They will change all of the beautiful things that make it a home to me. They will make it their own as they should. And I will be thankful that I had this friend and their son and their home as a sanctuary from my youth.