I told you I was a deadbeat blogger…

November 12, 2007

So, the Chambersburg Stitch n’ Bitch took over The Mannings on Saturday. There was junk food, there was knitting, there was shopping…and there is not a single picture to prove it. I even brought my camera! OK, here’s the beef folks. Pregnancy has turned my mind into mush! If any of you see my brain laying about, would you be so kind as to send it to me?

Anywho, we did have a fantastic time. The strangest thing happened though. I actually had saved up a goodly amount of money to blow on yarn guilt free, and I was totally uninspired. It was so weird! I found lots of lovely yarn, but it’s hard to get inspired for a big project when your belly is expanding. So, I bought lace weight. Alpaca with a Twist, Fino in Ruby Slippers and Plum Wine. I have gone on a lace stint where all the projects I want to knit/am able to wear are lace. I also picked up the first Barbara Walker. Holy Moly! Yeah, I’ll definitely be buying the rest. And of course the effervescent Yarn Harlot. Last but not least, some Eucalan wool wash.

We went to eat at the The Pub & Restaurant in Gettysburg. It’s a really great place. Delicious food, weird decor. It’s like a battle going on: We’re a pub! No we are a fine dining restaurant, no we are a pub! We were laughing because their menu has fairies all over it, so jokingly I said I was going to order, “the roasted fairy over a bed of spinach, medium rare please”.

A good time was had by all, and not a picture was taken. Yeah, I know.


Confessions of a deadbeat blogger

November 6, 2007

Well, I would like to be able to tell you all that life has just been so crazy and busy that I haven’t had the time to take a picture, let alone blog. Here’s the truth. Life is busy, not necessarily super busy but busy enough to whip my butt. I’m tired. All.the.time. This baby is kickin’ my hiney. I went to the doctor’s yesterday and she asked if I was exercising, I laughed out loud. Exercise? Oh yeah, I remember that, I used to do that before I got pregnant. My in-laws have been kind enough to lend me their treadmill for the pregnancy. It’s in our kitchen and the Monkey and even Fuzzybritches really like using it. I’ve been on it twice.

There has been knitting oh yes, there has. Unfortunately I can’t post too many pictures as most of it is Christmas presents. Here’s a pic of the hat I made in NY.

I love it, it’s out of my own handspun. I got the roving from Spunky Eclectic, in the colorway of “Hot Pepper”. I must say, it IS awesome stuff.

The Chambersburg Stitch n’ Bitch is going to The Mannings this Saturday. I can’t wait. I really need this trip. I need a good swift jolt to get me back up and running and I think this may do the trick. I haven’t been to my Thursday night knitting group in over a month and a half and I really miss those girls. *sigh* Hi Dottie and Bonnie! I’m still alive, really!

I have received several beautiful items recently for the Warm Up The Winter project. They are greatly appreciated. It has occurred to me that the weather has turned decidedly colder around here and so I will be wrapping up Warm Up The Winter by putting a deadline on it. Please have all packages in the mail to me no later than November 30th. I will be making our drop off to the homeless shelter in early December. Thanks to everyone who has participated. To anyone who has made a plug on their blog, thank you and if you could, please let folks know of the cut off date.

I’m hoping you’ll see more of me now that I am kicking the holiday knitting into full gear. I missed you guys.

I got nothin’

September 6, 2007

No pics, although I have been knitting. No job, although I have been looking. No sleep last night, although I was trying. I only have one thing to say…

Thank Goodness it’s Thursday! Stitch ‘n Bitch is tonight at Starbucks!

We got our first package for Warm Up The Winter this week. A white hat and three pairs of mittens! Thank you! I am not putting names up on the blog, as some people wish to remain anonymous. Keep ’em comin’ folks!

Getting in the spirit

August 28, 2007

This weekend, the Monkey got in the spirit of things and decided to knit mittens for our Warm Up The Winter project. (If you haven’t already checked that out, click on the “Warm Up The Winter” tab at the top of the page) I told her it was time to kick her knitting up a notch. I had just picked up the new issue of KnitSimple and they have a great “whole family” mitten pattern in it. So, she cast on. This kid has got it! Let me tell you! Last Friday the Monkey learned: the purl stitch, casting on, knitting in the round with dpn’s, and how to M1. And she did a fantastic job, she just picked it up and ran with it. Saturday she learned how to decrease, and not just any decrease, it was a sl1 K2tog, psso. Wow!

Here she is with Grandma Friday night, knittin’ away. *beams with pride* Yep, that’s my girl.

Saturday we finally caught up with the Spinning Guild I have been chasing for months now. Dottie, a member of the knitting group I attend is in the guild. She has been keeping me up to date on their events, and I finally made it to one. What a great group of ladies.

Maybe this is a sign I should stop…

July 6, 2007

Is it Christmas? Now, I’m just asking because all of a sudden, out of no where, I am gift knitting…a lot. Granted, my Dad’s socks are belated beyond all shame. They were supposed to be his birthday gift and another pair for Father’s day (all within a week of each other). I finally got the yarn for those and cast on the first pair Tuesday night. This is a pattern of my own design, which I will be posting here, for your knitting enjoyment, at the end of the month. They are cotton dress socks for all the gentlemen in your life. I kitchenered the first one off last night at Stitch ‘n Bitch (yes, I went, more on that later). These are knit on two circs and with your choice of either Esprit by Elann or Cascade Fixation.

A close up of the stitch design. Very GQ. Dad will love them. My Dad is a minister and I love to think of him wearing his hand knit dress socks behind the pulpit.

I mentioned that my co-worker is expecting twins, well his wife is anyway. Also they are fraternal twins, a boy and a girl. Could you ask for more fun babies to knit for? So I dove into the stash for some peaches ‘n cream. I have finished two bibs, one pink and one blue, and I’m currently working on burp clothes for them.

So I was knitting along like a woman possessed Tuesday night, switching back and forth between socks and bibs, when I noticed that my index finger on my right hand was a bit touchy. I stopped knitting and looked down in amazement. I had knit so much that my finger tip had popped open? It looked like a little seem had ripped open on my finger. Now what? Do I stop knitting until it heals? Is this a sign that perhaps I should cool it for a while? Do I press on making it longer and worse? Nope, I did what any good knitter with a deadline would do. I crazy glued my finger back together and kept on going.

Last night I went to the other local knitting group I found, a Stitch ‘n Bitch. I had a great time. They are a group of younger folks (most my age) that meet once or twice a month at the local Starbucks. We had a great time, I will definitely be going back. All skill levels were equally represented and they are a bit more animated/liberal than the other Thursday night group. I love them both and will be attending both.

It’s funny though, yet again, I find myself stuck in that weird gap with folks my own age. Funny how a teen pregnancy kind of separates you from your peers. All of my friends are and have been, at the very least, ten years older than I am. I always thought by now that I would be on the same page with people my age. Nope. I see a lot of myself in these young couples, only, ten years ago. Newly married, setting up a household for the first time, planning out your career and how you want your life to go. The things that are important and exciting to you then. I like this group as it lets me live vicariously through them, that part that I missed. My ex-husband and I went from newlyweds to parents in a matter of months. We never got to experience that whole married-without-kids phase. Even now, as I am a newlywed once more (ok, ok, it’s been a year, we still act like newlyweds) it’s different. We have a wonderful, smart, and beautiful young lady with us. We were instantly a family when I got remarried. And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. I watched and listened last night with a secret knowing smile. I could see how much their lives will change over the next few years. What a blessed time they are in now, and what blessed times will come when they start having children. This group is good for me. They give me a chance to reflect on how far I have come and they also give me the chance to step back, even for just one evening a month, and be a normal 28 year old newlywed.

And here she is, my sweet darling girl, who has changed my life for the good, forever. She is a preteen. I just realized that the other day. I nearly had to pick myself up off the floor. How did we get here? Wasn’t she 3 yesterday? And now she’s 11 and going into middle school. I’m terrified. If I have learned anything over these past 11 years it is God’s goodness and how important our trust and faith in Him is.

What delightful knitters…

June 29, 2007

My friend Mel and I went to the local knitting group at the library last night. We had a great time. They are such a delightful group of knitters. There were only 5 of us there last night, but I was told that several ladies were not present. The lady who organized it, Dottie, she’s amazing. I am in awe of her skills, her knitting library, she’s a virtual knitting sensai! I am sure I am going to learn a lot from her. Mel and I agreed we would be going back for certain. Next Thursday though, we will be heading to the Stitch ‘n Bitch that meets monthly at the local Starbucks to check out that group. I’m not a big Starbucks fan, but who can say no to coffee and knitting.