Ravelry rocks and so does Mr. Greenjeans

March 10, 2008

I have had a major case of startitus hit me this past week. Hmmm, wonder why? If you really want to see all of it, it’s over on Ravelry, but trust me, it’s scary people! You can find me under Fuzzybritches. Anywho, I fell in love with Mr. Greenjeans last week and prowled Ravelry to find the perfect yarn to use. I decided on Araucania’s Nature Wool in Pea Green. It’s the perfect springtime shade of green. And I was mightily impressed with The Yarn And Fiber Co. I ordered this yarn on Wednesday and Bam! It was in my PO Box on Friday, and that was their free shipping! The color in the top photo is more true to life. It’s not so yellowy as pictured below. I

I love this pattern. I love this yarn. This is a great sweater because it allows for the baby bump to peek…okay, protrude, through and then I can still wear it post baby. It’s also knitting up pretty quickly considering I cast on this Friday evening. I can not even begin to sing the praises of Ravelry, people. Before casting on I searched through many project notes on Mr. Greenjeans. Because of the wonders of Ravelry I am now armed with some key info about this pattern and I can thus plan ahead and avoid disaster in the end. Because of Ravelry I know that almost everyone commented on how they would not go down a needle size for the cabling if they did it again and how some people reported saggy shoulders after a little bit of wear. I can now, thanks to the info gleaned at Ravelry, stick with the larger needle size for the cabling and also put some crocheted chain in along the back of the neck and shoulders. Whereas before I would not have realized these things until it were too late. Thank you Ravelry, thank you.

Someone had there maiden voyage into the world of pancake making this Saturday morning. She did great. Didn’t burn a single one, which is more than I can say for my first few pancakes.

She even made a Mickey Mouse pancake or two. Not bad eh?


Let the countdown begin.

February 26, 2008

Three more days until I am a stay at home mom again. For a about six months anyway, unless the good Lord really has a nice surprise for us. I can not even begin to tell you how excited that makes me. I really loved my time with the Monkey as a stay at home mom. I had a neighbor who used to call me the Domestic Goddess. I am really in my element at home. I have a whole list of things I’m planning to do before baby arrives: sewing, baking (once the new stove arrives), cleaning, getting the nursery ready, and of course…knitting! See?

Finally, the “baby knitting bug” has bit me, and bit me hard. We went to JoAnne Fabrics this weekend so I could pick up extra fabric and notions for the nursery set I am making and I stumbled across the Sugar ‘n Cream. I am a huge fan of the bibs and the burp clothes in Mason Dixon Knitting so 14 super size skeins found their way into my cart. Two of each color, that’s enough to make two burp cloths and one bib in each color. Chris, I need some help with the whole kitty bib modeling. I just can’t seem to get Evanrude to sit still long enough. Also I cast on with Believe, from Classic Elite, a cotton rayon blend from my stash for a hooded pullover for Tad. I’m using a free pattern from Bernatt. This is hard not knowing boy or girl. BTW, we still haven’t decided on a boys name, I want a good strong Irish name. I really like Finn and Seamus. Any suggestions?

A conversation between mother and daughter

January 21, 2008

You guess who is who…

While out shopping at the mall (shudders)

Speaker #1: “Oh hey, look! Black nail polish, I’ve always wanted to try it. Will you get it for me?”

Speaker #2: “Sure, but just that, I don’t have a lot of money.”

Speaker #1: “Thanks.”

Back at home in the batcave…

Speaker #2: “So, how do you like your black nail polish”

Speaker #1: “I don’t know, I guess I don’t really like it much, it’s too…dark.”

Speaker #2: “It’s Black, duh.”

Speaker #1: “I know.”(defensively)

Speaker #2: “You owe me $2.50.”

I’m a real people!

December 2, 2007

We got our Christmas tree this weekend. This is always an “event” in our family. My mother and I are known to drag our poor spouses and children around for hours, no matter the weather, making them give up hats, a mitten here, a glove there, to tag potential trees. It must be a certain type of tree with a certain smell and a certain kind of needle. (I got a blue spruce for Christmas one year, it was beautiful with clear lights but I had to decorate it with leather gloves on!) When house shopping, the first thing we look at when entering a home is how high the ceilings are, ya know…for the Christmas tree. Or when visiting someone else’s house it is a great compliment if we tell you, “Wow, you could put a huge Christmas tree in here.” We are the Tannenbaum Queens.

Anyway Possums, I’m off track here. This is where we get our Christmas trees now that I have moved to PA. And as you can see by the sign (clicky to make biggie) we are apparently real people. Whew, well that’s a relief, I’d been wondering.

We get a frasier because unfortunately Pennsylvania can’t grow Balsams. The Monkey was insistent that she pull the sled.

She did alright but petered out towards then end and Dad took over.

He’s our hero


So this whole Christmas tree thing is quite the ordeal, first you put it on a machine that shakes the beheebies right out of it…and the dead needles as well.


Then you put it on this machine, make sure it’s centered then flip a switch and it drills a perfectly straight hole in the bottom of the trunk.


Then you are exhausted from all of this so you stop and pet the doggie by the roaring outdoor fireplace.


And at last they wrap your tree up and carry it to your car.


After we got our tree we went to one of our favorite restaurants for soup and sandwiches and headed home. Who do you think we saw in downtown traffic just a car or two ahead of us? Hmmm.

Update, as requested by Cynthia

September 10, 2007

Well, guess what folks, even though you have been laid off from your job. Life goes on. Funny isn’t it? And here I thought it would stop long enough for me to find a job, but life marches steadily on. Oh well I have until Sept. 28th. I know God has something amazing in store for me! My dear friend Cynthia sent me a comment which requested some information, an update if you will. Here is what she wanted to know:

1. Resume – done?
2. Sunday paper – gone through with fine-tooth comb?
3. Knitting – progress? (even if it’s a tiny bit?)
4. Spinning – any?
5. Doing something fun with the Monkey? (this is the only required bit)

Let’s start from the top shall we!

1. Resume – never let it get dusty, updated coverletter, got a glowing reference letter from boss.

2. Sunday paper – Checked, mailed out envelopes to every bank and a couple other places, I have friends and family scouring the town like bloodhounds.

3. Knitting – Lots…um, yeah, lots. Apparently getting laid off leads to a major case of startitus.

Item #1: Ankle Socks for me.

Item #2: Harry Potter and the Golden Snitch facecloth for a good friend.
Item #3: Addictive and pretty faceclothes for Christmas presents
Item #4 : My mittens for Warm Up The Winter

Item #5: Monkey Socks…everyone else is doing it sooo…
Item #6 Kids hat for Warm Up The Winter

Item #7: First half of Print O the Wave Stole

Item #8: Super Secret Knitting…the recipient is lucky that we aren’t the same size…this is sooo soft!

4. Spinning- Yep that too! It’s a bad picture, but shows the colors. I spun this into fingering weight. It’s just gorgeous, another one from Spunky Eclectic. Amy King is my hero!

5. Doing something fun with the Monkey? Heck ya, packed the fambly up on Sat. and headed to a little state park near us and had a picnic and went swimming! It was just what we all needed!

So thanks for checking in. We are doing fine. I’ll keep you posted on the job front. Maybe if I end up on unemployment for a while it would give me time to update my Ravelry.

Getting in the spirit

August 28, 2007

This weekend, the Monkey got in the spirit of things and decided to knit mittens for our Warm Up The Winter project. (If you haven’t already checked that out, click on the “Warm Up The Winter” tab at the top of the page) I told her it was time to kick her knitting up a notch. I had just picked up the new issue of KnitSimple and they have a great “whole family” mitten pattern in it. So, she cast on. This kid has got it! Let me tell you! Last Friday the Monkey learned: the purl stitch, casting on, knitting in the round with dpn’s, and how to M1. And she did a fantastic job, she just picked it up and ran with it. Saturday she learned how to decrease, and not just any decrease, it was a sl1 K2tog, psso. Wow!

Here she is with Grandma Friday night, knittin’ away. *beams with pride* Yep, that’s my girl.

Saturday we finally caught up with the Spinning Guild I have been chasing for months now. Dottie, a member of the knitting group I attend is in the guild. She has been keeping me up to date on their events, and I finally made it to one. What a great group of ladies.

It’s Monday? Really? Are you sure?

July 23, 2007

This weekend our house was invaded by NYers! It was a whirlwind of activity. My mom and Gigi came down to visit. We crammed all kind of fun things into our weekend. Saturday morning we went to pick up the Monkey from Bible Camp. She had an awesome week there and we heard goofy camp songs all weekend:

“Oh I wish I were a little bar of soap (Bar of Soap!)”

“Oh I wish I were a little bar of soap (Bar of Soap!)”

“I’d go shiney, shiney, shiney, over everybody’s hiney!”

“Oh I wish I were a little bar of soap (Bar of Soap!)”

It just so happened that my cousin from NY happened to be playing softball in a ladies summer league right here in our backyard. So we made it a point to go watch her play for a bit. Check her out!


I also caught some Saturday sky under a tree at the ballpark.


We had a great meal provided by one of my favorite restaurants back home. The sweet woman who does the cooking sent us a pan of eggplant parmessan. Mmmm! It was soo good.

Sunday after church we went to Gettysburg to cruise the wax museum and then to the Gettysburg National Cemetery. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon and we live only a short drive away. The Monkey took a photo of us on the path there, see I was being silent and respectful, just like the signs say.


I finished a pair of socks for my Dad in the cemetery. My Dad is a big civil war nut, so that will mean a lot to him.


This is the grave site of Jenny Wade, the only civilian who died during the battle of Gettysburg. She was hit in the back by a stray bullet and killed instantly.


Apparently “Ghost Tours” are a big thing in Gettysburg. Most of them are at night. Here is one specially tailored to our dear Chris.


We finished out the afternoon with some great ice cream. A few of us got a sundae called Peanut Butter Xplosion, wow, it was amazing. Peanut butter cup ice cream, hot fudge, and peanut butter sauce. Oh yeah, it was great. And now today I am slow as dirt from all the sugar. Ack.