The Ill-Fated Sweater Files: Sweater #2

I have heard that the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem…so, I have a problem. I can’t finish a sweater. Oh how those patterns taunt me, the shape, the color, the wardrobe options. But No! I have been jilted too many times in the past. So okay, I have admitted it, now on to the healing process…

The second of the only two sweaters I have finished was a vicious victim of “the sweater curse”. There was a guy, we were dating, he always teased me about knitting for everyone but him. He begged and begged, I resisted. Finally, like water on a rock, I decided to cast on. He picked out the yarn and the pattern, I swatched. Everything looked good. Now I need to tell you that this guy was small in stature. Anyway, back to the sweater. So I worked on this thing and it seemed pretty good, I would make him hold still while I flopped it on him, and all was well. It was meant to be a loose fitting sweater…haha, oh boy. I finished the sweater and blocked it and HOLY COW! It was huge! I don’t know what happened!? Well here is the worst/funniest part. It fit his uncle like a glove. This uncle and I used to jokingly flirt back and forth all the time. So, it became his sweater, and the joke went that even though I was knitting the sweater for my boyfriend, I was thinking about his uncle the whole time I was knitting it because I was secretly in love with him. Oh well, AND the sweater curse fulfilled itself…the relationship ended.

And so, my own personal sweater complex deepened. Since that sweater, several others have been cast on, all now have a place at the very bottom of my UFO basket. I don’t even remember the last time they have seen the light of day. BUT! I am making progress folks! I am proud to say that, despite the lack of pictures for the last two days, I am making great progress on my Ribby Cardi sleaves. I figured if I didn’t post pictures for a couple days you would be all impressed when I did put the pics up. Don’t let me fall off the bandwagon folks! Please!


2 Responses to The Ill-Fated Sweater Files: Sweater #2

  1. That is a GREAT story. Drama, intrigue, a touch of forbidden love… hehe it should be a movie. They made “The Affair of the Necklace”, this could be “The Affair of the Sweater”

  2. break the curse girl!! you can do it. : )
    btw love your new blog look, your header is too sweet

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